Based 218 miles outside of Anchorage lies Homer, long known as the “Halibut Capital of the world” or the “end of the road.”  Homer is right on the edge of the Kenai Peninsula on the shore of the Kachemak Bay.  Homer is surrounded by Glaciers, Mountains and the beautiful waters of the Bay.
Along the coastline, the mountain valleys form fjords (long, narrow, deep inlets of the sea between high cliffs – think underwater valley carved from glaciers). Homer is one of the only places you can see glaciers and active volcanos at the same time.

The most popular identifying feature of Homer is the Homer Spit, a gravel bar which extends 4.5 miles into the bay.  Homer Harbor is located on the spit which can host boats of all shapes and sizes.  The spit is a geological phenomenon formed by terminal glacial moraine (which means the debris left behind from a glacier).  There are a lot of cute shops and places to eat off the spit. The big earthquake of 1964 dropped the coastline of homer including the spit by 8’. It was naturally created but after the earthquake, once high tide came, it covered the road.  The spit today has been rebuilt and recreated to look like it used to.

Homer was named after Homer Pennock, a goldmining promoter who arrived to the area in 1896.  He built living quarters for his crew of 50 men but goldmining never prospered in Homer.  Coal, however was discovered in 1890 before Homer arrived and the Cook Inlet Coal Fields Company had already built a town, railroad into Homer, a dock and coal mine.  Coalmining was prevalent in the area until World War II.

Around the same time, Charles Miller, who was an employee of the Alaska Railroad in 1915 began his homestead wintering railroad horses on the grasses of the spit.  Although Miller’s Landing was legally considered a census designated place, it has always been considered a part of homer.  Miller’s Landing is one of the places where you are able to camp and explore Homer.

Today, Halibut and Salmon fishing, tourism and commercial fishing are the dominant industries in Homer.  However, the town is made up of a smattering of Artists, fishermen and outdoor lovers.  Small town vibes and picturesque, Homer is a must see stop while visiting Alaska. Along with the fish and birds that frequent Homer, there are trails, meadows filled with flowers, beaches, glaciers, water activities, land activities, so many things to photograph and so many sights to take in. 

Homer is located 218 miles outside of Anchorage which is about 4 hours away.  You can take a bus in the summer months to Homer as well as access the town by taking a Ferry or flying. 

Where to Stay in Homer, Alaska

While visiting Alaska, I would highly recommend a few days’ time in Homer.  The beauty is parallel to none.  Homer has everything to keep you comfortable wherever you stay while visiting.  Here is a list of a few but of course you can always google for more.

Hotels & Lodges

Land’s End Resort

4786 Homer Spit Rd, Homer, AK 99603
(907) 235-0400

Located at the end of the Homer Spit, overlooking Kachemak Bay with a view of the mountains.  Try and get a room facing the ocean with a balcony! Food is good.

Otter Beach Lodges

4799 Homer Spit Rd, Homer, AK 99603
(907) 299-7450

Also located at the end of the spit – these older apartment homes have all the necessities you’ll need to stay for a few days and cook a few meals for yourself.  Walking distance to shops and restaurants as well as very close to the docks.

Tutka Bay Lodge

SE coast across Kachemak Bay, Homer, AK 99603
(907) 274-2710

Sits in a private cove within a 9 mile glacial fjord at the edge of Kachemak Bay State Park.  Quite a few options for staying and the lodge offers a wide array of activities

Bear Creek Winery

60203 Bear Creek Dr, Homer, AK 99603
(907) 318-2470

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a lodge where some of the best Alaskan wine is produced?  Great service and comfortable lodgings, this place is a find! Full of great ambiance and local goods, this is a great place to stay!

Inns, Cabins, B&B’s

For those looking for comfort and cozy

Baycrest Lodge in Homer, Alaska

3651 Sterling Hwy, Homer, AK 99603
(907) 299-7412

Clean cabins, quiet, great view and clean property. Private Hot tub and shared fire pit on property.  Right near the water with specular views of the mountains overlooking the Bay and just minutes from downtown Homer.

Good Karma Inn

57480 Taku Ave, Homer, AK 99603
(907) 299-6200

Filled with art from local artists, amazing coffee and specular views, this inn is a wonderful spot to take it all in and relax.  The host make great food and are super friendly with lots of great advice for what to see or do.

Driftwood Inn, Lodges, Fishing Charters & RV Park

135 W Bunnell Ave, Homer, AK 99603
(907) 235-8019

Kind of an equal opportunity resting area.  They have historic inns, modern lodges, and an RV park. 

Alaskan Suites
3255 Sterling Hwy, Homer, AK 99603
(907) 235-1972

Great clean cabins, wonderful view, quiet and clean.  Hot tub and shower on site and lots of thoughtful finishing touches.  A great place to go!

Camping & RVs

For those traveling their own path, desiring to be outside!

Heritage RV Park

3550 Homer Spit Rd

(907) 226-4500

If you are wanting to bring your RV out to the spit and be close to the action, this is the place for you!  All Sites include full hookups: city water, electric and septic, showers and bathrooms, some satellite channels, free WIFI and picnic tables.

Homer Spit Campground/RV park

4535 Homer Spit Rd

(907) 235-8206

You can bring your RV or set up a tent in this beautiful spot by the ocean.  This campground also has accommodations including full hookup sites for RVs, showers and bathrooms.  This site is very close to the beach so it can be dusty and sandy.

Mariner Park

Homer Spit Rd

(907) 435-3139

An 111 acre multi use area.  There are 34 campsites open between april 1st and October 30th  – no reservations, first come, first serve – 20$ a night. There is a day use area with a fire pit and pavilion as well.

Some other ones farther away from homer but with amazing views of the mountians/volcanos/ocean

Kyllonen’s RV Park

74160 Anchor Point Rd

(907) 235-7762

About ¼ of a mile from the beach, a great place to stay with your RV.  This is a smaller campground but also quieter.  Close enough to Homer without all the bustle of the town. Can see wildlife here like eagles and ocean critters. Also, free WIFI and cheap showers + firewood

Halibut Campground

74272 Anchor Point Rd
(907) 262-5581

This state park is geared more towards tent camping as there is no electric hookups or dumping station.  However, It is a well-kept campground with nice bathrooms and peaceful vibes near the cook inlet.  Just a short walk to the water.

Lastly: my two personal Favs L

Stariski Campground

29795 Sterling Hwy, Anchor Point, AK 99556
Phone: (907) 262-5581

A beautiful intimate camping place with something like 10-15 camping spots situated in such a way that you are away from the ocean but close enough to see it.  You can hike down to it and even camp right next to it.  There is wildlife and glorious views of the ocean.  You can park an RV here but I wouldn’t recommend a big one as the campsites are small. 

Whiskey Point Cabins & RV Park

30475 Sterling Highway (Milepost 152.5)
Anchor Point, Alaska 99556

TEL: 907-235-1961

E-Mail whiskeypoint@outlook.com

Probably one of the best places to stay near homer.  You have views of the volcanos, near the ocean, perfect sunset location.  Just 20 minutes to homer and 1 hour from the kenai river, this place has it all.  Cabins, RV sites, Camping, wildlife viewing, onsite laundry and shower facilities and even a fish processing center on site for all your fish needs! Click Here to see photos and a write up of an Alaskan’s stay here.

 Where to Eat

Homer is right on the bay so of course there are many local seafood options of great things to eat.  In the summer, you can expect to find tons of fresh seafood. Homer’s food is full of passion and flavor and in the summer you can find it all over the spit.  In the winter, the spit gets quiet and a lot of the restaurants close down except a few on the spit.  Obviously there are tons more places to eat besides the ones I have listed here.  this is a not an exhaustive list, just a little guideline to help you out.  If you don’t see anything you like, I recommend checking out google for the smaller huts on the spit like the boardwalk fish and chips or Ak fish fryers.  OR you could meander down the spit and find something that smells right, drop in and give it a try.

The Chart Room Restaurant

4786 Homer Spit Rd · In Land’s End Resort
907 -235-0406

The chart room is one of the places open year round.  It is located at the end of the spit and has amazing views while you eat.  The food is tasty and worth the price and the service is great.  The bar also serves really yummy drinks.  They also have an outdoor option if you are dining in the summer!

Captain Pattie’s Fish House

4241 Homer Spit Rd


Another place by the water with great views and fun food.  This place has casual foods and fancy foods too!  The service was great and wait times aren’t horrible (of course this varies).  Parking is difficult so be prepared to walk a little to get there (or get lucky!)

Alibi Bar & Cafe

453 E Pioneer Ave


Probably one of the best places to get a beer and enjoy the view in town.  Amazing food, tacos and wings.  Great service and good price for the food.  This place stays open pretty late and touted by the locals as the best menu in town.  If you end up waiting forever for your food on the spit, just give up and come on over.

Pho And Thai Restaurant

345 Sterling Hwy, Homer


Large Portions, great prices and kind service.  Clean area and tasty food. Good décor and a good place for Thai food if that’s what you are craving in Homer.

Thai Cosmic Kitchen

510 E Pioneer Ave


A local favorite and probably yours too after you eat here.  The portions are good, the food is hot and yummy, very authentic, with beautiful flavor and great service.  Very accommodating to your needs.  

Little Mermaid

4246 Homer Spit Rd #4


A cute littler eatery on the spot with fresh local seafood and pizza.  Plan to eat outside on the dock to enjoy your food with a view!

AJ’s OldTown Steakhouse & Tavern

120 W Bunnell Ave


Great service and price for the value of the food. Excellent atmosphere and good variety of drinks.  A good place to get a steak.

Boatyard Cafe

5075 Kachemak Dr
In Northern Enterprises Boat Yard


Great burgers! Tatsy breakfast burritos and a great variety of sandwiches.  Fish tacos and interesting appetizers.  A simple Alaskan burger place with good staff and fair prices.

Finn’s Pizza

4287 Homer Spit Rd


A yummy place to get pizza on the spit.  Great views of the bay from their outside deck. Very friendly wait staff, good service and great atmosphere (mostly because of the water views) They also serve local beer!

Wild Honey Bistro

106 W Bunnell Ave


A super yummy crepery and coffee place!  The bistro is so beautiful with an amazing atmosphere.  The crepes are delicious, great view (if the RVs aren’t blocking the view).  Fresh ingredients and amazing espresso.

Two Sisters Bakery

233 E Bunnell Ave


Another local favorite and features in National Geographic, lonely planet, the new York times and outside magazine.  This cute little bakery is run by sister friends.  With glorious views of the mountains, bay and volcanos, they love baking for their little town. Get in before noon as they run out quick.  They serve pastries, cakes, cookies, sandwiches amongst other things. Open year round!

Salty Dawg Saloon

4380 Homer Spit Rd


Probably one of the more popular places to visit when you go to Homer is the Satly Dawg Saloon. This is a well known land mark on the spit. The salty Dawg started out as a cabin built in 1897 and eventually became the salty dawg saloon in the 1950’s (before Alaska was even a state)

They are a bar that serves strong beer with great service.  Be prepared to bring a dollar to sign and place on the wall as tradition dictates.

What to see & Do in Homer

The cool thing about Homer is that it is close to the water so you can do all the water activities like fishing, kayaking, sailing, or clamming.  It is close to the land so you can do all the land activities such as hiking, beach combing, bear viewing.  You can even catch a few flightseeing tours in the air.    You can view, photograph, ride bikes, take excursions, take a drive or just walk everywhere and you will still be able to find more to do.  I have listed a few things/places you can visit.  I also recommend you walk down the spit in the summer for excursion huts/tours to find.

The Homer Spit

Homer is most known for the spit so of course you should check it out. You can spend no money or lots of money here but the experience comes with both options. Not only can you camp here but there are multiple places to eat, shop and see.  You can walk the spit, ride bikes along the bike path on the spit, sit by the ocean, check out the history and see lots of wildlife such as eagles or seals.  The ocean air surrounds you with sounds from the water and the harbor.  Its worth a day to check it out.

Do things around Homer

Visit the

Pratt Museum,

the Islands and Oceans Visitors center

Homer Visitors center

You can also check out the trails portion of this write up and bird watch, berry pick, sight see.

Skyline Drive

This drive is available all year round and it’s an excellent option to see the bay (and the spit). You can walk or drive up the windy road but if you walk itll take you around 45 minutes and driving will take you about 5.

Kachemak Bay State Park

Catch a ride across the bay to Kachemak Bay State Park – the first state park in Alaska.  There are so many wildlife creatures here you could spend forever visiting and still not see all the beauty.  This park has tons of hiking trails.  You can take a water taxi over to the island.

Visit Seldovia

Also across the bay, is a laid back little fishing village with seaside charm.  Walk along the boardwalks and check out this charming place.  There are no traffic signs or large stores.  You can fish here, berry pick, take an ATV tour, bird watch or water watch.  You can take a water taxi or a ferry. Should you choose to stay the night there are a few small hotels and B&B’s.

You can check out Coldwater AK
or 49North Alaskan Adventures for water taxi information.

There are a lot of tour companies that want to show you a good time when you get to Alaska.  I have added links to a couple of places where you can do the following:

Bear Viewing Tours

Alaska Bear Adventures
Smokey Bay Air – Bear and Flightseeing Tours

Fishing Charters

Bob’s Trophy Charters
O’Fish’ial – halibut and salmon charters

Sea Kayaking Tours

Just Add Water

True North Kayak Adventures  

Flightseeing Tours

Alaska’s Ultimate Safaris

Beryl Air Floatplane

Day Cruises

Destination Alaska – wildlife and water fall cruise

Rainbow Tours – can make your way to Seldovia too  

49North Alaskan Adventures

Whale Watching Tours

Destination Alaska

Central Charters & Tours

49North Alaskan Adventures

Glacier Tours / Guided Hiking Tours

Three Moose Glacier Kayaking

True North Kayak Adventures

49North Alaskan Adventures

ATV Tours

Destination Alaska

Jet Skiiing Tours

McCarthy Fjords Jetski Tours

Where to Hike

Homer Spit Trail – 8.6 miles – this is the spit, take a walk, enjoy the sights. This trail is paved and the main attraction in homer so its busy and not your typical hike.

Diamond Creek Trail – 4.2 miles – A popular trail for birding, running and hiking.  Lots of mud and it’s a tough up and down trail but so worth it. Goes to a rock beach.  Make sure you check the tides.

The Beluga Slough Trail – 1.2 miles – a cute little loop in homer.  Takes about half an hour taking you through seaside grassy terrain. Lots of animals and boardwalks.

Calvin and Coyle Trail – 1.3 Miles – boardwalks for this cute little hike with a platform for viewing.

Homestead Trail Loop – 5.8 miles – Lots of wildlife, great views of the forest, meadows and creeks.

Canyon Rim Trail – 1.9 Miles – Look for a homemade trail and parking signs on the right at the end of bear creek ct.  Trail begins on the left of the fire pit.  Looks like a 4wheeler trail. Watch for bears.

In the Carl E Wynn Nature Center

Lutz/Fireweed loop – 1.4 miles

Wildflower meadows and wildlife scenery.

Dogwood Loop – .6 miles  – popular for birding and hiking but dogs aren’t allowed.

In Kachemak Bay

Humpy Creek and Emerald Lake Loop – 12.1 Mile loop. Beautiful way to see how glorious Alaska is.

Glacier Lake Trail – 8.9 Miles – one of the most popular trails in this state park. One of the easiest and most maintained trails. Saddle trail switchbacks are a little steep.

Alpine Ridge Trail – 5.2 Miles – an out and back trail near Halibut cove.  Once you pass the tree line (2 miles in) you can explore – you can see all the bay from here

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