Tok is an often forgotten about town unless you are driving into or out of Alaska. It is the last BIG town before crossing into Canada, or the first if you are coming TO Alaska, 93 miles from the border. It is known as the “Gateway to Alaska” because of this and it has a junction that leads you towards Anchorage (South) or towards Fairbanks (North). Tok was originally settled by Athabaskans, Alaskan Natives and began as an Alaska Railroad Commission camp in 1942 for construction of the Alaska Highway. In the 1940’s and 50’s another highway was created and dubbed the “tok-cut off” which was important because at this point there was only one road junction but that is all the way in Delta, some hundreds of miles from TOK. This cut off enabled travelers to go north or south once they reached TOK from the Alaska Highway.

Tok is known as the sled dog capital of the world, and in some way or another it is said that most residents are active in this sport.  The town sports a big race every year “the Race of champions” in late march that hosts the largest sprint race in Alaska.  The town has been a trade and services stop since its beginning in the 1940’s and continues to be so. 

Where to Stay

Motels & B&B’s

Alaska Range Motel
Mile 1312.7 Alaska Highway
Tok, Alaska 99780
Reservations can be made by calling or going online.

  • – Since Tok is a run through place, this is the perfect place to stay with clean, affordable places to rent to either stay for a few days to check out the scenes or on your way through to Canada or into Alaska.

A Hyde Away B&B
3 Maes Way
Tok, AK 99780

From the website:

Coming from Fairbanks, just before MP 1316 to your right is the world famous Mukluk Land.
The next road past that, to your right, is Scoby Way. Turn right.

Coming from Tok Center or Canada, go past MP 1315 until you see Scoby Way on your left, turn left.

The second road on the right is Maes Way, turn right here.

Go past the first driveway on your left and past a small log cabin to your right.

The next driveway on your left is us.
You should see a two-story building with one story on the left and a 2 car garage to the left of that.

You can make reservations by calling or going online to their website.  They are located 3 miles from the main portion of town. Toted as the place that feels like “coming home”

Log Cabin Wilderness Lodge

Mile 98.5 Tok Cutoff Road
PO BOX 122, TOK Alaska 99780


– Private cabins with all the amenities, near hiking trails, with breakfast and complimentary dinner – open year round


Caribou Cabins

Borealis Ave, Tok, AK 99780

(907) 883-8080

For a private cabin experience that isn’t too far from everything else

Burnt Paw Cabins

Mile 1314.3 Alaska Highway Box 7
Tok, Alaska 99780


– A unique Cabin B&B with a gift shop and sled dog information (But No Puppies as some ads suggest)

Hostels and camping places

Alaskan Stoves Hostel
Mile 1313.6 Alaska Highway
Tok, Alaska 99780

Rooms, common areas and beds for whatever your heart desires.

Alaskan Stoves Campground

1313 Alaska Highway
Tok, Alaska 99780


– Tent sites, Full service sites, and Hostel style tenting.  Pet Friendly

Sourdough RV park/Campground

PO BOX 47 Tok, Alaska 99780

private wooded sites for RVs and Camping with showers, laundry facilities, breakfast and free WiFi

I would not recommend and Air BnB at this town just because the camping and cabins give you more interaction with the locals and they can tell you more about Tok.

What to See & Do

Like I said in the introduction of the town, most of the things to do here are outdoors and seasonal.  Tok sits really close to Mountain ranges and a few nationally preserved parks so there is a lot of camping, hiking, fishing and outdoorsing to be had

Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge
1229 Alaska Highway

The Alaskan Highway is the northern border of the Wildlife refuge and there are multiple pull offs that you can stop into to view the beauty of this place from the road. This is one of two wildlife preserves that you can visit by vehicle. The visitor’s center is located 8 miles from the canadian Boarder and is one of a few ways to visit the 600,000+ acreage.  There are public use cabins you can rent but you have to rent them far in advance ( You can find this information on the provided website)  and to really get into the reserve a canoe down the rivers would be best.

Tok Mainstreet Visitor’s Center

1314 Alaska Hwy, Tok, AK 99780-9800
1 907-883-5775


This place has a wealth of information about Tok, the surrounding areas, the things to do, the places to be! Check this out for sure just to get more information about your trip. 

Top of the World Highway.

This is a road comprised of two different roads and leads to Dawson/Chicken.  You can take this trip for the sightseeing.  It leads to the town of chicken which you can read more about here.  The road varies by season but if you stop by the visitor’s center the employees there will be able to give you tips and tricks to the road.

Alaska Highway Mile 13127

Tok, AK 99780-0090
1 907-883-2571

A historic “Amusement Park” with mini golf and some fun things to learn.  It’s a cute little place – some will appreciate it and some won’t but if you have some time while you’re in Tok, you should check it out!

Chicken Gold Camp & Outpost (an hour and a half from Tok and a very small but famous little town)
PO BOX 70 ¼ mile Airport Rd. Chicken, Alaska

Provides recreational gold mining, tours of pedros dredge, Kayaking excursions.  Also the site of the “outpost” which has Alaskan made gifts and art, ice-cream and beer or wine. 


Flightseeing tours
Hunting (with permits)
River tours
Bird Watching
Gold Panning

Foraging for Edible Plants
Various mini museums of history throughout the city

Go for a bike ride down the roadside of the Alaskan Highway (I think there’s something like 17 miles paved)


All Alaska Gifts

1314 Alaska Hwy, Tok, AK 99780-9800

– Has just a little bit of everything and the most up to date weather and road conditions to nearby Chicken, Alaska

Three bears is the local grocery store in case you needed anything from there too

Where to Eat

Fast Eddies
Mile 1313 Alaska Highway Tok, Alaska 99780
(907) 883-4411

Offers Pizza, Burgers, Salads, Steak, Seafood and Pasta

Sourdough RV park/Campground

PO BOX 47 Tok, Alaska 99780

  • – Famous for their sourdough pancakes!

Places to Hike in Tok

There aren’t too many “trails” per se but there are some state parks that have trails in them.  Honestly, in Tok, I would go to the visitor’s center and ask them where to hike but I have included some of the state parks here for your exploration benefits.

Eagle Trail State Recreation Park

  • 1 mile trail
  • 2.5 mile trail
  • 8 hour trail to see Doll Sheep and get a look at the Alaskan Range

Tok River State Recreation Park

  • A few trails
  • Boat launch
  • River access

Also: There is a bike path along the Alaskan Highway that you can ride and see the mountain ranges and the refuge  <--- Very Helpful website

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