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Like all the places I have written about, there are multiple things to do and see in this city. Some of them are specific to the winter months and some are specific to the summer months. I encourage you to do your research before you go anywhere in Alaska.

This is not an exhaustive list but it does contain some of the things I would tell a friend to go check out:

· Visit the Anchorage log cabin Visitor Information Center

You can expect to find travel information from Alaskan experts. There are tons of resources for things to do and see. This log cabin is located on 4th avenue downtown and it is open year round.

· Go check out the Anchorage Museum

A beautiful place to learn about the people, land and culture of Alaska. The museum is committed to honoring the Dena’iona people. Filled with stories, exhibits, ideas and information. If you are visiting Alaska, come to learn the history and the people, this is a must stop.

· Check out the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum

Located in the heart of Alaska Aviation, this museum exists to display, educate, and honor Alaska’s aviation heritage.

· Check out the Alaska Native heritage Center

A living cultural center that promotes active Alaska Native Culture and Traditions. This is the only statewide education and culture center that is dedicated to celebrating all cultures and heritages. You can expect to experience immersive experiences.

· Visit the Alaska Railroad Depot

We have a beautiful railroad that traverses through Alaska. Taking a trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks gets you through denali and all through Alaskan wilderness. It is a good way to see things you cant see and relax while you soak in Alaska’s beauty.

· Check out Cook inlet

There are so many things you can do in the cook inlet, as it stretches 180 miles into the gulf of Alaska. Some of the most beautiful drives (in my opinion) are near cook inlet, including driving down Turnagain arm and Knik Arm. You can do all the things here and see all the things.

· Visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

This is a wildlife conservation Sanctuary that house mostly permanent wildlife residents on 200 acres. You can see bears, moose, bison and more wild Alaskan animals here in a safe setting. From their website, ACWW is “committed to sustainability, eco-friendly operating practices, and recognition of indigenous and historic uses of the land.” It’s a bit of a drive outside of Anchorage to get here but if you are on your way to Girdwood, I would just naturally find myself there.

· The Alaska Zoo

A cute, small little zoo. You can find fun things for kids and adults including “keeper for a day experience, adopt a zoo animal and brown bear encounters”

· Check out Chugach State Park

This is one of the most beautiful (in my opinion) places in Alaska. The mountains are breathtaking, the trails are beautiful and leave you wanting more. This place is magical and touches you right in the heart. This park has oceans, glaciers, ice fields, forests. If you are a fan of being outdoors,

· Check out Beluga Point

This is a little spot off the side of the road, south of Anchorage down the Seward Highway. Seems dull, however if you go at the right times you can see whales come in around mid July – August. Its also a real beautiful spot to see the sunset later in the year.

· Visit the Potter March Bird Sanctuary

Also off the Seward highway is the Potter’s Marsh Bird Sanctuary. You can walk through on a wooden boardwalk for half a mile or visit the pull off on the highway. There are all types of birds and wildlife to view here. This is a great place to view Turnagain Arm.

· Visit Eklutna Lake

A beautiful and clear lake carved from Eklutna Glacier. Once the glacier receded, the beautiful water was left behind. The water is clear and beautiful. You can camp, ski, hike, fish, horseback ride in this area which is located in Chugiak.

· Check out the Alaska Public Lands Information Center

· Check out some of the hiking trails in the area (see the Hiking in Anchorage Page)

· The Alaska Botanical Garden

Sitting on 110 Acres and 8 Acres of Civilized gardens and trails, this is a great place to check out things I’d check the website area under “plan your visit” if you are going to visit as they have some by appt only days in the winter. However, summer months, they are open 7 days a week. Be prepared to walk near the Boreal Forest and combat mosquitoes when visiting.

· Go visit Alyeska Ski Resort Area near Girdwood. (See Girdwood’s page)

This is a nice resort for skiing and the hotel resort area is pretty nice. They recently opened up a nice spa. This place is open year round and has lots of amenities. If you are trying to go somewhere a little more luxurious, this is a stop to make.

· Take a Drive down Turnagain Arm

This is located off the Seward highway but the road is a destination all to its own. Beluga Point is here, and its one of the prettiest drives. Almost every time I find myself on this road, I have an Alaskan experience. You can also see the Bore Tide down this way.

· Check out Hatcher Pass

I like the drive out to here most. It feels like you are driving into history. There are all kinds of old mining homes out there and tons of trails. Blueberry picking and a pretty lake. The link goes to a nice pamphlet detailing all the things Hatcher Pass.

· Watch the Bore Tide

This happens when the low tide wave and a high tide wave smash into each other. You can visually see the tide roll in. This will occur 2-3 hours after the low tide in Anchorage. It is a lucky occurrence to see it as there are multiple variables. Sometimes the bore tide can get as high as 6 ft.

Some of the things you can do in Anchorage (and everywhere in Alaska but these ones are specific to the Anchorage area)

Check out some Flightseeing/Bear viewing tours.

· Rust’s Flying Service – over 10 years in business, tours for bear viewing, photography, to do some fly in fishing.

· Regal Air – “the top flightseeing and bear viewing company in Alaska for over 33 years” – Alaska flightseeing tours, Bear Viewing Tours, and Flight charters

· Trail Ridge Air Inc – Flightsee, Bear viewing, Flyout Fishing, Float trips, charter Flights

Check out the nearby glaciers –

· Alaska Helicopter Tours – Glacier tours, Glacier ice climbing, Glacier paddle boarding

· Greatland Adventures – Matanuska Glacier Tour. A full day tour to the most accessible Glacier in the area with an experienced guide. In summer and winter.

Check out some Northern Lights tours. (Although I would recommend coming to Fairbanks for this)

· Greatland Adventures – In the winter months Aug 21st – April 14th. This tour comes with web quality aurora portraits and some photo instruction to be able to take your own.

Obviously there are a million more things you can do but my hope is that this list will lead you to your own list. The resources in a lot of the visitors centers will lead you to other tours, other ideas and places to go.

Have the best time!!

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