I want to tell you about my favorite pair of boots.  I wear these in the spring for break up (break up is a time of winter that is ugly in Alaska – no leaves in the trees, dirty snow, and wet/frozen water and just not nice or not cold – transitional March – May) I wear them in the summer when it rains or if I think it may rain, I wear them in the fall because they stay warm enough and with a nice pair of socks, I wear them for short durations in the winter.  These boots are popular in Alaska and I recommend them to anyone who wants a versatile type boot.  I am talking about XTRA TUFFS!!

They come in shoes, boots and a sort of middle boot shoe.  Alaska has a very large fishing population and they are the boot of choice for that as well.  They are just amazing!! So amazing in fact that I bought the shoes and plan to buy the middle shoe as well.

Xtra Tuf

I personally have the design with the octopus on them but they have a ton of brands with differing patterns and styles and they are my go to boot to slip on and go. I don’t know that you need these boots while traveling in Alaska but if you wanted to take home a piece of our culture, these boots would fit – they are the ugg of Alaska.

XtraTufs came to Alaska Approximately 50 years ago, hoping to be as rugged and tough as Alaskans – that’s what they say on their website anyways.  They are used for fishing, working and casual wear and so versatile that I promise you, you will wear them everywhere and anywhere. These boots are 100% water proof, flexible and durable – steady on the ground (especially if you are walking on wet surfaces) because of its non marking, slip resistant chevron exterior. They were dubbed the Alaskan sneaker and it has the 50 years of performance and durability to prove it.  They are resilient and last and are totally worth the money for them.

You can get these boots for approximately 125-150 depending on which type you get, I find them cheaper to buy at Amazon (these are the Salmon Sisters version but you are able to purchase all types of xtra tufs on this site here 

There are options for men, Women and children – boots, shoes and mid sized shoes. I highly recommend them for Alaskan Living and I also think you’ll just like them.  I can’t compare this boot to any others because I find this one to be the best.  Pick your style and get Alaskan Vibing!!




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